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On a weekly base people are reaching out to us to learn and grow in their skills as a coach, trainer or Wim Hof Method instructor. As much as we would like to connect with you this is not always possible. So to help you out, here are some ways of being of service to you.



Often we get a question to drink a coffee and as much as we like our time is precious just like yours. From experience it always ends up in business coaching. Our normal hourly rate is between €200 and €300. But to support you we can do this coffee (digitally or real life (in Monnickendam) for €100,-. We then go over your questions and you so you will go home with kick-start for yourself.

Just reach out by sending an email to:

Yoga Instructors:

If you are a certified yoga instructor with at least 200 hours of training, who is registrated with Yoga Alliance, you can add your Immersive Training to your Continuing Education registration as Ingvild has a RYT E-500 & YACEP registration. If you have any additional questions about this. please send an e-mail to:

Wim Hof Method Instructors

assisting one day events:

When we organise a one day WHM training where we have a spot available to assist we announce it on social media. 

Wim Hof Method Instructors / Yoga Instructors

assisting multiple day events:

Over the past years, many instructors to be and instructors who are already got their certification as well as yoga & movement trainers joined our trainings as participants to upgrade their understanding, their practice and their skills. So if you want to evolve your skill set just sign up.
When you are a certified WHM or Yoga Trainer and you have already participated in one of our 5 day events, you can apply for a mentorship that focusses on refining and deepening your trainer skills. 
For more information send an e-mail to

We really appreciate you and your desire to grow. In this way we hope to be of the best service to you.

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