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Working from the inside out

It’s time GO BEYOND the known and expected.

It’s time to step into the real raw space of our power.

Now that you’ve opened the doorway and found that you are capable of so much more than you thought. Through training with modalities such as cold exposure, breath work, biohacking, mindset training etc…..

…Now you are ready!

What if you could find the surrender of being in the ice bath, without the ice bath?

What if we take away the doing, the techniques, the training wheels.

What if we GO BEYOND?

We switch from goals to intentions, from doing to being.

And we guide you straight into your true power center.


Working directly with your Subconscious and with the Intelligent Life Force Energy.

This is where resilience, creativity and resourcefulness LIVE.

This is where you unlock your FULLEST POTENTIAL

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For Who:

* You want to make permanent, healthy changes in their lives

* You want to breakthrough their limitations

* You want to expand their consciousness

* You know and feel that there is more potential in them than they show the world

* You're looking for more confidence and influence over the course of your life

* You want more confidence and influence over their energy and productivity

* You  want to meet inspiring people and start life-long connections


This training will definitely impact and evolve you on many levels.



These four days of training will be in an interactive setting guided by two international trainers who are top experts in their fields.

Knowledge will be put into experience, experience transformed into embodied wisdom and all of it will be related back to its value in daily life.

Working with modalities such as Hypnosis, (New Code) NLP, Kundalini Activation Process (KAP), Embodied Meditation, Movement, and a Wim Hof Method fundamentals workshop is included!


You will: ️

- integrate your consciousness with your subconscious systems activate your Life Force Energy bringing you to new levels of insight, energy and creativity.

- Find ease in dealing with change own your personal leadership understand your emotions as a guidance system know the influence you have on your inner being & state ️Embody the power of conscious surrender

- Intimate training in private development Center Breathing sessions Embodied Meditation KAP | Kundalini Activation Process

- Ice bath

- Yoga based movement

- In depth group sessions working with hypnosis, new code nlp, non-duality

- Hot tub or cozy sauna

- 3 delicious high quality meals a day tailored to your needs [normal, vege,vegan - let us know!]] delivered by native greek chef!

- Additional hot drinks, herbal infusions, soup and snacks available all day long

- TWO WORLD RENOWNED INSTRUCTORS: Ingvild Moleraar and Daniel Kluken

- A lot of unforgettable moments

- Optional; Relaxing body MASSAGE


Unlock your dtrue potential

In a playful yet highly focussed way you wil train your holistic system while, shifting believes and boosting your energy flow.
The only sustainable way to evolve into a more resillient natural state of being is to find balance and harmony between the opposites in life.

The techniques and practices we combine in this training are backed up by science, experience and evidence. Working powerful modalities such as Wim Hof Method, Kundalini Activations, Bodywork, (yin)yoga, NLP, integrated movement, dynamic meditation and much more.  
An important point of focus will be the implementation into daily life.

The Process


The Base Line

Before you go on a journey you need to know what your starting point is:  where you’re at, who you’re with, what you take with you


Radical Responisbility

Beautiful Nature







About the program

For this training we do not provide a detailed program.  

We permit ourselves the space to adjust and change the program as the training progresses to meet the needs and state of the group we work with at that moment. This way we can give the very best quality, attention and experience possible. 

We are very aware of the fact that some of you really love to know what's ahead, into detail. Thus we welcome you into a profound element of our training:

Letting go of knowing what's next.

Look Book

NEXT Go Beyond

New Dates will be revealed soon


Additional information


Cancelation Policy
You can find our cancelation policy HERE.

Not Included
• Airplane ticket
• Snacks and additional and alcoholic drinks

Additional information and a full packing list will be send to you when you’ve signed up.

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