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Alex Page,

Founder Weekday Warriors

I don't know how I can describe exactly what happened on this retreat we did in Northern Canada. But it was quite possibly one of the most transformative weeks of my life. Daniel and Ingrid are incredible leaders. They understand everything down to the molecule and were more than happy to deal with my peppering of questions. I cannot speak highly enough of them both. Not only did I feel safe the entire time, but they also lead us on an incredible journey that only their level of knowledge and expertise could provide. Do not doubt, just do. You will not regret it.

Marina Smith,

TAO Connection Coach

So many great words are said about the course and our instructors by my Swedish wolf pack. What else can I add, all is said, and there are only as many words out there. I noticed how reverently I wrote just now „MY wolf pack“, being grateful to belong to this family of individuals who seek for their essence and always there for you. I have no idea how that happened, but it happened and I have it.
In life it is never about the situation, but it is how you deal with it? Of course we know it, we know so many things. But HOW, how to master yourself, how to deal with the situation in all awareness of the present moment and gracefulness and ease? What is the trick?
Just practice. 
The practice keeps on transforming my body and mind. My blood feels often like champagne bubbling, the light smile does not leave my face, and trust and grace to deal with life are present.
My Love and Light to those who teach and practice!

Kevin Greenway,


This was one of the best experiences of my life…period.

I had the great fortune to be with a group of 13 amazing people, representing 7 nations, and the energy and camaraderie among us was wonderful. Everyone was so supportive of each other, which made the week even more special.

If you’re going to commit to the retreat you secretly want it to be cold and snowy just to get the full effect and Mother Nature did not disappoint. When I arrived in Norway there was no snow at all, but it snowed the first three days of the event and the environment was just ideal.

Daniel and Ingvild are a great team. Their individual styles compliment one another and they provide a relaxed and comfortable teaching environment. They are encouraging and supportive and will not hesitate to stop to provide additional coaching/teaching, either individually or collectively, when needed.

The location, accommodations and food were beyond exceptional.

It was a wonderful investment in, and gift to, myself. The retreat is amazing and if you want to change your life, then you gotta do it.


Yohan Dante,

CO-Founder MyEd App

I've done a lot of programs and this is in my top 2 most life transforming programs I've ever done - you literally have no idea the man or woman you're going to become by the end of the expedition. 

Daniel and Ingvild do such an unbelievable job you literally let go and they take you on an unbelievable journey to become a whole new you. 

The things I did, to others is jaw dropping, scary and down right superhuman - but now, it's nothing. 

Become a superhuman, you've got nothing to lose!

Martijn Holtes,

Founder MountainPeaks

The WHM experience in Canada was one of the best experiences in my life! Daniel and Ingvild are not only professionals when it comes to the program but also one of the kindest people I met in my life. 

It's not only there kind words though it helps you when the challenge hits you. It's also not only the program though it was one of the best I ever attended. 

It was the feeling Daniel and Ingvild gave us. A supporting, loving and caring feeling that helps you face the challenges ahead. 

Make sure you attend a training big or small of Inner Mountain Expedition at least once in your life!

Seth Barr,


I joined this program with a group of my friends. Having attended a lot of self development courses over the course of my life I wasn't expecting much from this program before I started. Having gone through the program I was completely blown away. 

Inner Mountain Expeditions with Daniel and Ingvild was one of the best programs I've done. It pushes you past what you think is possible and you set a new standard for yourself in a fun and supportive environment. I'm happy to say that they also give you the tools to use and incorporate into your daily life so you can continue to reap the benefits of this program. 

If you are on the fence about doing this program. DO IT! You will be glad you did.

Elena Iagovitina,

World Traveler

There we were on the first day, standing vulnerable, frail, ‘naked’, facing what we were brought up to believe to be the unforgiving brutality of cold. Apprehension was omnipresent yet our determination to face it was high. Daniel and Ingvild inspire through their Being and experience an immediate sense of trust, safety and courage that accompanied us from the moment we got there and enabled us as participants to peel ourselves down to the core only to discover the peacefulness and strength that inhabits it and for that I'm forever grateful! As I dove into this adventure, I also dove into an expedition of intimacy within myself and together as a group. Recognising, dropping and going beyond my defences within myself, instantly resulted without; inside the group and in cold. It was mind-altering to feel my body&mind shift for a better version of myself through meditation, breathing, sweat lodge, ice baths and other cold exposure sessions. It’s been exactly a month since I came back from Sweden and I’ve been practicing the tools we were introduced to daily. Taking them to local waterfalls, rivers, lakes and I feel healthier, stronger and more empowered&balanced than ever! ��

Words don’t do the immensity of joy and growth that this adventure has brought me justice. Rare are such experiences where the veil between our inner and outer universe is so thin. THANK YOU Ingivild & Daniel and to our flock <3 <3 <3

Mark D'Souza,

Medical Docter

I lead a busy life living in downtown Toronto as a doctor. I've been doing personal development programs for years trying to find... something. I've always known it intrinsically, but could not fully articulate it until I was on this program. I've done so many different types of personal development programs, including Tony Robbins, and they each contributed in amazing ways to my life.

But Inner Mountain Expeditions with Daniel and Ingvild finally gave me what I've been seeking all these years. While the physical feats are amazing - hiking in shorts, group meditation, yoga in the snow, and dipping in ice cold lakes, fixating on this is missing the point. It's presence in the moment, quieting the mind, focus, spirituality, and performance optimization that this program gives you. They use the twin modalities of breathing and cold to teach you this.

My life has changed forever, and this program is a must-do for any busy professional who is even slightly open-minded and wonders if there's ever an end to the rat race we call life. Daniel and Ingvild are skilled and knowledgeable teachers, and they complement each other very well; Daniel more about the cold, Ingvild more on the breathing. But they inspired me and everyone else on this program.

The serenity and peace, and tools to return there, are priceless. I will always be grateful.

Sarah Horn,


I’d recommend the Inner Mountain Expedition to anyone regardless of age, gender or how adventurous you are - put your doubts aside because this trip will change your life in more ways than you can imagine. The trip is about much more than learning the WMH techniques and dealing with cold exposure. You will be taken into a captivating reality where you experience that you can do more than you ever thought was possible. You establish a deep, meaningful bond with the people on the trip who will continuously support you. The course will test your limits, it will give you valuable introspective insights and teach you skills that you can use in everyday life. Last but not least, Daniel & Ingvild are great trainers who will guide you every step of the way. Both Daniel and Ingvild pay close attention to every single person on the trip to provide you with the best possible learning experience. They guided me through tough moments and helped me push my limits. Couldn’t have wished for better trainers. 

After more than a month, I am still going strong and enjoying my ice bath’s whenever I can!

Gilles Boulianne

The adventure was only 5 days long, but it only takes an instant to completely change as a person, perhaps it could take one 50 years to arrive to such a moment but the change itself happens in only an instant. It requires the combination of timing, information that resonates, and ones willingness and readiness to hear and absorb it. I believe such an instant happened to me on that frozen lake, an instant where everything from that moment forward is different, a new version was born, a software upgrade, Gilles 2.0 . It literally felt like my body was leading me through the expedition because my mind couldn’t bear to be present. So I guess you could say, I’m glad I went :) Hahaha
Also I haven’t needed to use my sleep apnea machine since I’ve returned from my expedition, very exciting!
The gratitude, love and admiration I have for Daniel and Ingvild is boundless, I feel privileged to call them my friends.

Nomi Coorsh,


I had an amazing, profound and meaningful experience, that changed my approach to life and to myself. Daniel & Ingvild are some of the best teachers I have ever met, I felt safe and capable even whan the situation was challenging. I recommend it with all of my heart.

Daniela Zambrana Weymann, Therapist

I attended the Training in Norway in November 2018.
Daniel and Ingvild have created a complete concept. It’s not only about the Wim Hof Method, it’s about community, growing together as a group, getting to know your psychic and physical boundries, learning how focus and intention makes it possible to overcome almost any challenge.
You learn to link your experience in the Retreat to your “normal” life: Focus & Breath & Cold training does change your mindset AND it has changed my life 💖
And last but not least, Daniel and Ingvild themselves are amazing instructors: very professional, clear and structured teachings with their warm and fullhearted essence making this experience almost surreal.
Thanks for making this experience so fantastic!🙏😘

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