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Passionate About Unlocking
Your Super Powers

First of all, thank you, for using one of the most valuable things you have to view this profile. Using your valuable time to watch this probably means you take the effort to research a trainer that is a good fit for you.

As a Dutch guy, I was fortunate enough to meet Wim in the early days. Because of this I became one of the first instructors in the world and together with Wim and his family I did some pretty awesome stuff. 


  • I led the first big winter travels with Wim

  • 15 Expeditions were led by me

  • People from 35 countries were educated by me in the Wim Hof Method and other peak performance strategies

  • I trained people in Poland, Canada, Iceland, Israel, Norway, US and of course in our own small country

  • I am a teacher at the Wim Hof Method academy where we create new instructors In Stroe where the Dutch Wim Hof Method center is I educate people I trained tv-stars, euro politicians, millionaires, top athletes and even lawyers (they are human too)

You want to work with me if you want to learn the Wim Hof Method inside out in a down to earth way. You will learn the WHY that will give you a clear understanding why you can use a technique in a certain moment. (In sports, you will use the method in a different way then for everyday use.) The HOW will teach you how to do it and of course the WHAT for which results can you expect.

Originally, I worked in the corporate world but in 2012, I sold everything like my house, cars and other stuff I really didn’t need. From that moment on I went on a constant mission to research the science and mental attitude of our modern-day superheroes.


I learned from the best in the world like John Grinder (the mentor of Tony Robbins), Tony Robbins, Andy Harrington and monks that meditated for three years in a cave. After working with so many people I must be an idiot If I didn’t see patterns of excellence. Those patterns I share with you so that you can unlock your super powers too. 

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