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Move your body, Move your mind

Ingvild specialises in doing THE INNER WORK. Finding the way around our Inner World. The world of feeling, of thinking, of being, of experience. Being empowered and feeling free from the inside out.


In our lives we get quite well educated in dealing with the outside world, yet as we grow older it seems to get harder and harder to find our way in that Inner part of ourselves. We lose contact.

Movement of the mind and of the body are key elements in finding our way back into a connected inner and outer life and in sustaining our health while feeling empowered and free.

Concepts such as longevity,  body intelligence, emotional intelligence and embodiment play a big part in that.

Ingvild has a talent of connecting spirituality, emotional work and science with a very down to earth approach. And translating the knowledge to what it means in our daily, human lives.

Ingvild: "Us humans, we’re great at understanding concepts, having insights and getting more and more intelligent. But all of that intelligence only translates into wisdom once we embody that which we think we understand. Making it 3D, then 4D, then 5D.

With that I mean: live your knowledge, practice your concepts, fall and fail and stumble and get back up again and fall again and so on. Feel life, embody life."

The aim is to bring the Inner practice beyond the mind and the physical practice beyond the movement and turn all into a contexts of personal development which will let you experience WHO YOU ARE and what you’re TRULY CAPABLE of.

Since 2015 Ingvild and Daniel have been training eachother and they have joined forces to bring the best of their fields of expertise to everybody they work with. 

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