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5 Days of Total Immersion


Are you ready for an epic adventure? This Inner Mountain Immersive Training, in the beautiful surroundings of Raw Nature, is specially designed for people who want to dive deep into their own evolution. In this training you'll learn and implement everything there is to learn about the Wim Hof Method and combine that with a powerful  mixture of personal development tools.

Are you a trainer, a coach, a yoga teacher or someone who wants to get the most out of life?
This training is definitely for you.

The Immersive Training with Daniel & Ingvild is the most complete and profound program that Inner Mountain Expeditions offers.

In this immersion you will learn and experience all the fundamentals and advanced WHM techniques AND you will experience in depth transformational work with movement, meditation, KAP: Kundalini Activation Process, NLP and more.


This program is developed bij Daniel & Ingvild personally through many years of experience and evolves as the expertise of the trainers evolves. The program is everytime tailer made to each individual group, therefore each Immersive Training is unique.

Credits and special thanks to: Bechara El Khoury and Beeldschapper.

Join Senior Wim Hof Method Trainer Daniel Kluken and Body Intelligence & Inner work Expert Ingvild Molenaar (E-RYT500)
on their Immersive Training. Taking it again a level further.


You'll explore beyond known territory. Swimming in frozen lakes, finding deep focus within yourself, hicking in snowy mountains, breathing like you've never breathed before, finding new space through movement and so much more to help you get in tune with your own true nature. Learning about and experimenting with new skills. Using raw nature as our testing ground. Discovering that you are capable of more than you ever thought was possible. Together with an international group of legends.


This training will definitely impact and evolve you on many levels.



* Embracing the cold

* Exploring the breath

* Deep meditation

* Integrated movement

* Life Force Activation

* Inter human dialogue

* Internal dialogue

* Mapping Method

* Feeling what you know 

* Knowing what you feel

* Surfing the waves of change

* Building empowering behavior

* Real connection



In a playful yet highly focussed way you wil train your nervous-, immune-, and cardiovascular system while boosting your energy flow. The only sustainable way to evolve into a happier, healthier and stronger natural state of being is to find balance and harmony between physical and mental flow.

The techniques and practices we combine in this training are backed up by science, experience and evidence. Working with a mixture of Wim Hof Method, (yin)yoga, NLP, integrated movement, dynamic meditation and much more.  
An important point of focus will be the implementation into daily life.

The Process

Day Zero


The Base Line

Before you go on a journey you need to know what your starting point is:  where you’re at, who you’re with, what you take with you

Day Three


Dealing with change

Now you think you know the drill, what happens when things change? How do you communicate with yourself and others? Finding new strategies to evolve.

Day One


Back to the core

Getting familiar with some of the key elements and techniques we will be working with. Such as the introduction to cold exposure and breathing

Day Four


Climbing your inner mountain

It's time to bringing all that you have experienced, experimented with and learned together.


Putting it all to practice as you challenge yourself

Day Two

Theme: Adaptation

You could do it once, but adaptation happens when you repeat and re-examine. Adding extra layers to refine what you do and become more aware.

Day Five


Integrate & Evolve

Where are you now? Who are you now? What are you leaving behind? What are you taking with you? It is time to let it all stew and take it with you back into daily life to let it evolve from there.

About the program

For this training we do not profide a detailed program.  

We permit ourselves the space to adjust and change the program as the training progresses to meet the needs and state of the group we work with at that moment. This way we can give the very best quality, attention and experience possible. 

We are very aware of the fact that some of you really love to know what's ahead, into detail. Thus we welcome you into a profound element of our training:

Letting go of knowing what's next.

The Wim Hof Method

The Wim Hof Method offers a no-nonsense, practical approach to optimize your physical and mental state. you’ll discover that you are capable of more than you ever thought. You will train your nervous-, immune- and cardiovascular system, optimize your energy flow, and rekindle your natural balance.

  •  Intense immersive training

  •  Strengthen the mind-body connection

  •  Improve your immune system

  •  Learn how to generate heat using your body, mind and breath

  •  Break loose from mental conditioning and negative thoughts

  •  Take control of your mental and physical state

  •  Be free from fear and anxiety

  •  Increase your comfort zone


Continuing Education for YOga teachers

If you are a certified yoga instructor with at least 200 hours of training, who is registrated with Yoga Alliance, you can add your Immersive Training to your Continuing Education registration as Ingvild has a RYT E-500 & YACEP registration. 


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