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To Surrender into Connection

When do you feel connection?

Who do you feel most connected to?

Who would you like to feel more connected to?

Do you feel connected to yourself?

Breathing Session, Wim Hof Method
Surrender into Connection

It is the secret treasure in every tool, technique and exercise we do in our trainings:


In the Icebath, in breathing sessions, during Kundalini activation Process transmissions, in meditation.... when hugging another...

The magic start's when we surrender into connection.


Because CONNECTION it is the one and only thing that will help you find purpose and fulfilment.

A lack of connection is the basis of stress, depression and feeling unfulfilled.

Many of us think we are connected to our selves, to others, yet we really aren’t

You can’t muscle yourself into connection

You can’t mindset yourself into connection

You can’t positive-think yourself into connection.

You can’t tough-love yourself into connection. .

Connection happens when you stop pushing, fighting and working so hard.

Finding empowered surrender Then surrender into connection.

Surrender into connection, while taking full responsibility for yourself.

Being in a rough environment helps you to get to that point. A rough environment and a mental gentleness.

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