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To evolve beyond your instincts

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Evolve beyond your insticts, even in an icebath

What do you see in this picture?

Yes sure, 2 pretty girls swimming between ice chunks

But what do you see more?

Do you see that these power ladies go beyond?

What I see looking at them is one of the most beautiful qualities of humans;

To care for eachother under any circumstance.

They are dealing with theirselves in the cold water, yes

Under these extreme circumstances there is no way of NOT being there for yourself without being f*cked.

Cold exposure requires high focus to stay alive. It triggers the primal survival instincts.


through practice and awareness they have evolved beyond their instincts only to survive for themselves

You see them checking on eachother

You see openness and softness in their faces

You see connection between them

Instead of teaching certain techniques and practices merely for the skills and the health benefits, we ask ourselves, and when teaching we talk about this a lot;

"How can these techniques ad to becoming a more conscious and better person?"

"How can these practices evolve our humanity and our level of connection with ourselves and with others?"

That is the beauty I see reflected in this captured moment.

Can’t wait to meet our new legends .


Daniel & Ingvild

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